Logo Design Package.

Ideal option for the small business, requiring a professionally designed, custom made logo only. This is the basic and cheapest option for those on a tight budget. The design will be tested on relevant applications so that you can visualise how the logo will look in reality with a primary colour palette and font.
Allow about 2-3 weeks for completion.

Enquire for a fixed logo price.

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Professional Visual Identity Package

As the most popular option, this package is suited to the small and medium businesses that are both launching a new business or requiring a complete re-brand. This package allows more time to explore and refine design concepts, colour palettes, typography and logo variations and considers a full identity system that works on all formats. Allow approximately 3-6 weeks for design and final artwork to be completed.

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Custom Visual Identity Package

This is a completely customisable package. Perfect for new businesses or those requiring a full rebrand. You will have clear brand strategy, and require lots of brand collateral, a bespoke visual identity will be consistent in all formats across your brand. The final price will depend on what and how much you want to add to the scope of works. You will receive a fixed price so you know what it will cost from the outset.

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Struggling with Your Brand’s Identity? Let Us Help!

Many businesses find themselves grappling with their logos and visual Identities for various reasons. Perhaps their logo doesn’t adapt well to different sizes or platforms, lacks consistency across collateral, or feels outdated, failing to resonate with their modern, forward-thinking image. At Liska Design Studio, we specialise in identity design services, aimed at ensuring your brand leaves a lasting and positive impression.

Our Approach: A Fresh Perspective

Before we start designing Logos & Visual Identities we dive into the design process, we embark on a comprehensive assessment of your business. With a fresh pair of eyes, we identify challenges, comprehend your goals, delve into target markets, and analyze your competition.

Tailored, Seamless Design

We take pride in our personalised approach. Collaborating closely with you, we craft a logo and visual identity that aligns seamlessly with your business. Our offerings include versatile logo designs for print and digital use, ensuring consistency across all platforms. Additionally, we provide you with a brand style guide, facilitating uniformity among suppliers and team members.

Beyond Design: A Positive Impact

A complete rebranding often brings added benefits, such as revitalised company morale. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your workforce. if you aren’t getting the response from your ideal customers give us a call. 


Ready to Redefine Your Brand?
Let’s Talk!

If you’re considering a rebrand, don’t hesitate to reach out for an informal discussion. Liska Design Studio offers fixed-price quotes for logos and visual Identities tailored to your specific requirements. Rest assured, our pricing won’t change unless you decide to expand the scope of work. With us, you’ll know your exact investment right from the start.


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