I aim to create for you a memorable and appropriate visual identity for your business or organisation that functions properly, resonates with your audience
and inspires brand loyalty.

With a Strategy in hand it’s time for the creative bit – 
the brand identity design!

A business logo is going to be with you for a long time to come and your logo needs to evolve with you,  which is why you need to consider how much you are able to invest – What’s the budget? This will of course affect the amount of time that’s put into creating your design. 

As a designer I will also be thinking about all the places where your logo might be seen, in different sizes with different backgrounds in different variations in both print and digital formats, it won’t be just about the logo in isolation. It’s also about whether its speaks to your target audience. 

Liska Design Studio creates bespoke designs for all clients.

Scroll down to see the different stages of the process if you choose to work with Liska Design Studio. 

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Remember, brand success is not determined
by your logo or brand identity;
s a myriad of contributing factors which
include successful marketing.

Manchester Hall logo/Brand identity by Lisa Skadins, Business Stationary
Exterior signage
Garage Bar - Brand Identity. Pop up Bar/Restaurant Manchester
Liska Design Studio, Logo design for Property Development in Anglesey, north Wales.
Logo design and brand identity by Liska Design Studio.
“At Liska Design Studio there is always a personal approach to each client and each project.  Delivering work that both the client and I can be proud of ” LS

Every company is unique with its own set of goals and requirements, so it’s important to know what scope of creative service you need and if we are actually a good fit for you. We schedule in an initial chat and discuss your requirements and go from there, a contract is prepared with a summary of the brief, the scope of works and price. Once you sign the contract and pay the 50% deposit you secure the date in the diary when work will commence.

The Process begins with a discovery session. This is where we find out about the business.

Clients come to us with a clear understanding of their business values, goals and mission, so generally new clients will receive a questionnaire that allows us to have a clear understanding of goals and values, their unique selling points, target market etc., which will then enable us to design a bespoke logo and brand identity with a clear strategy in mind that helps a  business to connect to their target audience. 

This is a really important stage that forms the brief and sets the foundation for all the design work to come.

Once armed with all the information that is received from the discovery stage we start the process to create for you a bespoke identity that is unique to your business.

This is the stage I hit the sketch book to generate lots of ideas. Large number of concepts are initially created, the best ideas are explored further and refined until I am happy to present you with a selection of custom made designs from which to choose from, designs that best represents your business. I will then show you how effective the design might be on a variety of appropriate applications.

Following your feedback we will make any final amends to your chosen design, which will come with *logo variations, a colour palette, fonts and *brand guidelines, a document that allows you to keep your brand looking consistent across all applications, *messaging and *graphic elements

*available in the brand identity package see further below

Once you have finalised a design that you are absolutely happy with it, we are at the stage where work on all the final artwork takes place. You will get a full package of your logo’s deliverables in different formats and variations suitable for both digital and print production as well as any extra collateral that you have requested at the beginning of the project.

Deliverables are all the digital files that are sent to you: vectors, jpg’s, png’s, pdf’s etc. Included in package two are the brand guidelines; a multi paged document that sets out correct usage of the logo, colour palette, fonts the overall look and feel of a company’s branding is found in the brand guidelines. They help to keep the brand looking consistent wherever it is seen by informing other suppliers of exactly how it should and shouldn’t appear.

Some Brand Guidelines can be quite comprehensive, this will depend on the size and type of business. 

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