Virtual Aesthetics: Transforming Beauty Naturally

Liska Design Studio took on the exciting challenge of rebranding Virtual Aesthetics, a unique beauty program that celebrates natural beauty. The task at hand was to not only revamp their logo but also redesign their website for a fresh, modern appeal that adhered to the new brand style and colour palette.

Virtual Aesthetics - visual brand identity design in different colours and variations
Virtual Aesthetics – visual brand identity

Given the constraints of a tight budget, Liska Design set out to create a new visual identity, complete with brand marks, patterns, and graphic elements. Our approach was informed by the demographics and brand strategy, resulting in a sophisticated logo that left our client thrilled.


We crafted a soft, gentle, and versatile colour palette, keeping future goals in mind. The primary colour in this palette is a delicate blush pink, harmoniously complemented by soft, muted tones of greens and gold. This holistic blend of colours perfectly aligns with the essence of beauty that Virtual Aesthetics stands for.


In terms of typography, we opted for a timeless serif font for the logo, this was chosen to eloquently embody the business’s traditional values while infusing a contemporary twist, as a result, the overall look of the brand evokes trust and professionalism. The leaf element inspired by the olive tree within the logo symbolizes commitment to a natural approach and serves as a versatile, standalone graphic element that enhances the visual identity of Virtual Aesthetics across all their brand collateral and the brand pattern.

Virtual Aesthetics - visual brand identity mock up designs
Virtual Aesthetics – visual brand identity

Photography Style

We also provided invaluable recommendations for the brand’s photography style that captures the authenticity of real beauty. We encouraged the use of fresh, diverse images featuring women of all ages and ethnicities. To maintain consistency, we advised that backgrounds and clothing should harmonize with the brand’s colour palette.

In our comprehensive brand kit, we included a wide array of deliverables, along with a succinct one-page style guide. This kit equips their in-house team and suppliers to maintain a consistent brand style throughout their marketing efforts.

Experience the new Virtual Aesthetics brand at, and discover a natural approach to beauty that is as unique as you are.

Virtual Aesthetics - visual brand identity showing the website design as seen on a mobile
Visual brand identity – website
Virtual Aesthetics - visual brand identity showing the home page of the new website

The website redesign maintained the brand style and enabled the client to maintain and add to the website in-house.

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